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Our Client, a Ghanaian based limited liability Company with the key objective of providing high quality residential and commercial properties to meet the growing needs of the Ghanaian market and across Africa is currently seeking to recruit a General Manager.

The General Manager will be responsible for the overall and efficient management of the Company.He/ she will be responsible for the development and effective implementation of the strategic plan of the Company.

Key Responsibilities

Strategy Development, Planning and Reporting

  • Taking a proactive role in the formulation of future strategic objectives and bringing them to the Board for input, discussion and decision as to approval or ratification in line with the board’s guidelines and delegation of authority.
  • Ensuring that strong strategic and annual planning processes are in place to produce effective plans for approval by the Board.
  • Ensuring that all financial and nonfinancial reporting requirements are met on a timely and regular basis.
  • Ensure that reports to the Board are always accurate and on time.

Relationship Management

  • Developing and maintaining effective strategic relationships with key stakeholders including shareholders, investors, bankers, contract counterparties, customers and partners.
  • Developing a wide range of relationships and networks with the local, national and international property developers and investors to position Whitewall as a well-known and credible organization throughout the industry across Africa and  in the world.
  • Ensuring the development of effective and innovative lobbying strategies to industry and government in order to promote the interests of the company.

Operational Management

  • Ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the Company are effectively and efficiently coordinated and implemented and conducted within the framework agreed to by the Board.
  • Implement stringent management processes to ensure the timely and cost effective delivery of key targets by Whitewall
  • Maintaining effective working relationships with the Chairman and the board.
  • Develop and manage performance based contracts for the achievement of agreed targets by all employees.
  • Set departments' high-level goals, objectives and plans and work with them on attaining such goals by closely monitoring their operations.
  • Review the operating results of the company & compare them to established objectives and goals, and follow-up to ensure appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory results.
  • Establish and maintain an effective system of communications throughout the company to ensure that the responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities of all executives are clearly defined and understood.

Business Development

  • Employ a number of techniques designed to grow the business of the company through techniques such as assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors and the real estate industry
  • Track sales progress against targets on an ongoing basis and take necessary action with Sales and Marketing team to refocus efforts if targets are not being met.
  • Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.
  • Use your network to develop a pipeline of property development deals for the company in the form of Joint Ventures, Equity Investment and Co-Investments

Financial Management

  • Oversees staff in developing annual budgets that support operating plans and submits budgets for board approval
  • General fund raising (both debt and equity) for the Company and/or specific projects.
  • Establish and take ownership of processes, procedures, metrics and systems to monitor financial performance, budget adherence, forecasting, and profitability targets and report on variances
  • Manage and perform financial evaluations on prospective business opportunities and initiatives, to include partnerships, new offerings, investments, contractors, vendor relationships, asset acquisition, new office locations, and international expansion.
  • Develop and maintain internal controls, policies, and procedures to ensure the company’s financial integrity, as well as compliance with regulation and legal requirements.
  • Provides prompt, thorough, and accurate information to keep the board appropriately informed of the organization’s financial position

Projects Management

  • Review the development of project programs; evaluate and recommend various construction and delivery methods as well as building contractors; assist in the development of the planning and scheduling of construction projects; and assist in preparing detailed budget estimates and schedules.
  • Direct and monitor the progress of construction projects; track the delivery of the construction product; participate in construction meetings; provide direction in the implementation of the construction contract; and direct and monitor compliance with building safety and all other regulations.
  • Review engineering and architectural drawings and specifications for accuracy and completeness with Project Manager; monitor progress and ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and schedules; process requests for on-site changes; maintain meeting notes; and prepare periodic reports of progress and project status

Staff and Customer Management and Leadership

  • Building and maintaining a high performance culture through effective performance management, communication and coaching of staff and customers.
  • Provide clear leadership and promote and foster a team culture consistent with the company’s values.
  • Ensuring the recruitment of appropriately skilled staff to positions, and establishing appropriate remuneration levels and performance based conditions for staff within the framework agreed to by the Board.
  • Ensure development of an effective organizational structure and the promotion of a positive internal climate in which management development for succession is nurtured.
  • Delegate some responsibilities to appropriate executives in order to ensure smooth running of the company.
  • Conduct annual performance appraisal for all managers and recommend salary adjustments, rewards and promotions.
  • Monitor the adherence of employees to guidelines, policies and procedures.

Key Competencies & Qualification

A minimum of a Bachelors Degree from a recognized local or international University.


  • Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm for the Company’s vision, and motivates, leads, and empowers others to achieve organizational goals.
  • Inspires and leads others towards high levels of performance.
  • Demonstrates an intellectual and professional leadership style that supports the attainment of respect and credibility by others.

Relationship Management

  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders and commercial enterprises to facilitates the accomplishment of work goals.
  • Ability to influence or persuade others to gain acceptance or agreement of ideas and approaches.

Problem Solving and Analysis

  • Ability to analyze complex policy issues, draw correct conclusions and articulate clear and focused policy to wide and diverse audiences.
  • Ability to understand issues and make systematic and rational judgments based on the relevant information.

Strategy Formulation

  • Ability to formulate strategies and policies, and create new approaches in adverse situations.
  • Ability to take a broad based view of issues and events, and have an understanding of their longer-term impact or wider implications.
  • Ability to translate strategies into strategic and operational activities.

Communication Skills

  • Ability to assimilate complex issues and use appropriate communication strategies to influence wide and diverse audiences.
  • Ability to actively listen, seek information, and ask questions to ensure the understanding of underlying concerns of others.

Understanding of Business, Government and Industry Processes

  • Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, local and national government, business and real estate industry processes and decision-making, and constitutional and accountability principles related to machinery of government.
  • Politically astute; is able to read situations aptly and exhibit sound judgment.
  • Understands how people work and has a positive non-threatening presence which commands respect from staff, members, and stakeholders.

Interpersonal Style

  • Has a personal commitment to organizational excellence; displays honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of ethics in all decision and actions.
  • Is resilient; remains calm and deliberate under conditions of stress
  • Maintains a positive non-threatening presence which commands respect from staff, members, and stakeholders

Personal Organization

  • Has the ability to organize time to the best advantage of Whitewall Properties.
  • Manages competing demands to maintain a healthy balance between work, family and community activities.
  • Maintains and manages personal health and fitness.


  • Experience in working with boards of directors providing professional, accurate, and strategic advice.
  • Ability in implementing and delivering on boards of directors’ decisions and policies.
  • Understands the interface between the role of directors and management.
  • Has an understanding of and commitment to being an equal opportunities employer.

Job Summary

Ref. Number:

Company: Real Estate Company

Location: Accra

Industry: Real Estate/Property Management

Job type: Full-Time

Job status: Interviewing

Years of Experience:

Educational Level: University

Deadline: 2017-04-05

Additional Instructions:

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