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A world-class University College, is seeking to hire a Director - Human Resource.

The core duty of the HR Director will be to align best global practices in human resources management with the University's Way of working.  The ideal candidate should be able to develop and implement strategic human resources management processes that will attract and develop a superior workforce, maintain and improve a team-oriented corporate culture that emphasizes collegiality, productivity and quality; ensure safety and wellness of the workforce, and drive the continuous improvement of organizational performance.

Key Responsibilities


  • Plan the personnel needs of the University with the various Heads of Department and oversee the recruitment and staffing of full-time and part-time employees
  • Plan the personnel budget with input from the Executive Team and manage its administration by providing guidance to the Executive Team and other managers during salary negotiations and personnel expenditure.
  • Have the ulitimate overview of orientation processes, ensuring that communication is uniformed and in line with University’s work ethics
  • Supervise HR team in personnel placement with the National Service Secretariat.
  • Manage and report on permits of foreign employees


  • Manage the performance review process for administrative employees and work with the academic department to keep records of faculty evaluations.
  • Administer annual performance reviews of all employees.
  • Check on employees to know how they are doing in their career progression, and arrange interventions as needed (training, coaching, career conversations etc).
  • Conduct periodic skills audits and identify skills gaps; identify training needs and implement relevant training.
  • Support line managers with skills and strategies to improve productivity and performance.
  • Organize faculty and staff retreats – work with the Executive Team to identify themes, overall goals and map out content, activities etc. for implementation.
  • Organize periodic teambuilding activities – acknowledgement of birthdays and special events, monthly/quarterly teambuilding events etc.


  • Assist Executive Committee in facility space planning and ongoing staff departmental needs; manage the personnel budget
  • Develop an orderly file system for maintaining all employee records.
  • Track contract expiration dates for all full-time and adjunct employees.
  • Administer contracts for new employees; renew expired contracts prior to each new semester.
  • Update and maintain the employee and faculty and handbook.
  • Track leave records for employees and actively advise department heads on leave administration/management


  • Manage employee relations and create a team-friendly environment
  • Ensure compliance with Labour Act and work permits etc.
  • Work with the Nurse Adminsitrator to negotiate health plans with vendor and annually assess the practicality of such plans.
  • Ensure that compensation policies are equitable and fair across all employees in various job categories


  • Review master schedule of courses each semester with Assistant Registrar to ensure appropriate scheduling of all courses.
  • Work with Assistant Registrar and Programme Coordinators to review teaching loads for faculty members and faculty interns

Requirement & Qualification

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in human resource management or related field.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized institution.  A Masters degree or related qualitfication in the field in a peoples’ management field will be an advantage.
  • Demonstrated skills in developing strong interpersonal relationships and an ability to communicate and build relationships between various groups in a diverse community.
  • Excellent leadership skills with proven team building skills.
  • Knowledge of organizational structure, workflow, and operating procedures.
  • Knowledge or ability to understand targeted recruitment principles, procedures, and resources.
  • A background in counseling is a plus.
  • Familiarity with liberal arts education is a plus.
  • Previous supervisory experience is a plus.

Job Summary

Ref. Number:

Company: Academic Institution (Tertiary)

Location: Accra

Industry: Education

Job type: Full-Time

Job status: Open to new applicants

Years of Experience: 7

Educational Level: Post-graduate

Deadline: 2019-07-30

Additional Instructions:

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