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Our client, an agribusiness company that manufactures unrefined organic, skin and hair care products, is currently hiring a Plant Manager. The ultimate candidate will drive continuous improvement and optimization of all processes and oversee all daily operations of the plant from production planning and manufacturing to ensuring policies and procedures are followed. The Plant Manager will also ensure that products are of high quality while working closely with, and supporting other on‐site personnel in an effort to continuously improve processes. He/She will also consistently establish the highest standards in the industry for safety, quality, cost and finished product supply reliability.

The successful candidate is expected to be able to develop and implement relevant systems, document and implement relevant procedures while drawing together all administrative work in a consultative and collaborative style. He/She will report to the Managing Director, and is expected to work with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility.



  • Lead the design of expanded production facilities as well as source & design the process flow for new equipment required for scaling up production.
  • Exercise overall oversight and control over production, plant maintenance, technical management, troubleshooting and CAPEX projects ensuring that manufacturing processes can run reliably and efficiently.
  • Develop and implement occupational health & safety procedures at the plant.
  • Document and report on machine downtimes, uptimes, spare parts, maintenance planning, etc.


Plant Design, Equipment Sourcing and Setup

  • Lead production and laboratory equipment selection/sourcing as well as general plant design efforts.
  • Provide  design  options  for  equipment  and  facility  to  meet  the  company’s  production  targets  and requirements.
  • Oversee the installation and testing of equipment to ensure units are ready for production activities.



  • Work with finance manager to plan production targets as well as the associated headcount, payroll, raw material, packaging, capital expenditure, plans and budgets.
  • Establish production and maintenance schedules, protocols, procedures and policies.
  • Create succession plan for departments.



  • Achieve monthly production targets and budgets.
  • Implement and supervise compliance with production and maintenance schedules, protocols, procedures, and policies and update them in accordance with changing trends and targets.
  • Check the quality of the raw materials delivered.
  • Conduct  physical/chemical  inspection  of  all  materials  in‐process  and  finished  products  for adherence to standards.
  • Ensure raw materials, packaging and spare parts are procured on time and stored appropriately.
  • Assist with recruiting production and maintenance personnel.
  • Follow and enforce all safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Supervise  and  motivate  production  staff,  review  worker  performance  and  identify  training needs.
  • Be responsible for production output and product quality.
  • Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction, and focus.
  • Stay up to date with current best practices and concepts in production management.
  • Implement  and  monitor  best  practice  quality  assurance  protocols  at the plant  to  ensure  consistent quality of products.
  • Monitor operations and trigger corrective actions.



  • Supervise workers engaged in installing, servicing and repairing mechanical equipment.
  • Inspect completed work to ensure it meets specifications and guidelines.
  • Maintain  production  equipment  in  a  manner  that  meets  organization  standards  and  ensure minimum  equipment downtime.
  • Communicate equipment and supplies needs.
  • Maintain preventive maintenance programs and procedures.
  • Administer training programs to ensure proper operations, preventive maintenance and repair programs and procedures.
  • Maintain all preventive maintenance records.
  • Create a register of spare parts and a list of suppliers of key parts. Implement   company   culture   and   work   environment   that   reflects   the   organization’s   values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity.


Compliance and Reporting

  • Work with company to certify production plant and processes with international standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001 and HACCP.
  • Monitor and report on the progress of implementation of annual production plans/budgets, including but not limited to preparation of reporting templates, identification of key performance indicators, review of reports and identification of mitigating strategies for emerging issues.
  • Provide accurate information to finance department.
  • Ensure production activities comply with the company’s requirements for quality management, legal stipulations of Ghana, and international manufacturing standards.
  • Resolve disputes among production staff.


Continuous Improvement

  • Develop and update job procedures.
  • Identify the training needs and assist in the training of new employees.
  • Lead and implement continuous improvement efforts at plant.
  • Develop more efficient methods of production/maintenance to decrease waste and increase production capabilities.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Process or Industrial Engineering.
  • Demonstrable experience in a medium to large business environment with 5 years’ experience in production, maintenance or engineering departments.
  • Experience in the development of systems and procedures.
  • Must have working knowledge of HACCP, ISO 14001 and other industry standards.
  • Demonstrable experience of leading improvement initiatives.
  • Ability to administer and manage an effective, and proactive Occupational Health & Safety program.
  • Must have advanced knowledge of ICT.
  • Experience with electrical and programmable controllers (PLCs).
  • Must be adept at interpreting and troubleshooting PLCs.
  • Must possess demonstrable general management skills.

Job Summary

Ref. Number: 0876

Company: Agribusiness

Location: Accra

Industry: Consumer Products

Job type: Full-Time

Job status: Open to new applicants

Years of Experience: 5

Educational Level: University

Deadline: 2017-12-06

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