Recruitment & Selection

Our recruitment efforts and successes cut across industries (financial institutions, software, manufacturing, international NGOs, etc), across organizational hierarchy (from entry-level to C-level executives) and across functions (administration, legal, operations, finance, HR , etc.

We have built a portfolio of satisfied clients using simple, but innovative selection strategies.
We continue to recruit people who are both competent and passionate about what they do and are committed to adding value wherever they find themselves. We facilitate the synergy between employers and employees helping each other to achieve their goals. 

Below are the procedures for the Jobseeker and the Employer

Boa me na me mmoa wo ” Help me and let me help you” Cooperation, Interdependence

Bespoke Selection & Traineeship Programs

We believe in building the capacity of professionals to add value to organizations. We design graduate
traineeship and rotation programs that create a solid pipeline and talent acquisition program for you.

We use globally accepted assessment tools as part of the selection process, and tailor the selection
program to reflect your context, meet your needs and take your strategic direction and future business plans into consideration.


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Guideline For A Job Hunt Preparation

There are many reasons for which we may not call you. Generally, the reality is that we may have stronger candidates and so will consider you for alternate roles if, and when you are among our strongest candidates. To help you build your skills and prepare well for your job hunt, here are a few guidelines.

Think of roles that are in line with your long-term career interests – what industry are you interested in? What job function are you interested in? Target roles that are aligned with your career interests.


Do not use only one job search method. Vary your strategies and use Job websites, Company websites, Newspapers, Professional Online Groups, Cold Calls and Walk-ins as well as your own Professional network etc.


Once you have visited our website (, registered to create an account and uploaded your CV, visit the site often to see what new roles have been posted since your last visit. For roles you’re interested in AND qualify for, please click on the ‘Apply’ button and upload your Cover Letter as your application for the role you’re interested in.


Sometimes, you may not be shortlisted because your CV does not market you properly. You may visit the ‘Professional Development section on our site and learn about the help we provide in reviewing and strengthening your CV as a personal marketing tool.


Alternatively, you may visit our office in Dzorwulu (visit the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website for directions) and have an Axis recruiter sit with you to work on the CV together. This one-on-one session attracts a fee.

We are grateful that you consider us as partners in your career planning. While you search for that dream career opportunity, please conduct a personal S.W.O.T. Analysis (google it to find out more about SWOT Analyses) and identify areas in your professional life that need improvement, and work on developing and upgrading your skills in the interim.


Regardless of whether you currently have vacancies or not, we invite you to join our Axis Network, by registering online. We are committed to assisting organizations to find the best matches for their organizations, and we also help to develop the capacity of their employees to excel and become valuable contributors to achieving your mission and vision. through Training workshops.

Axis has recruited competent employees for organizations across sectors/industries including Financial Services, IT, Non-Profits, Health, Education, Media and Manufacturing, to name a few. Our clients have been pleased with our placements, since we honor our word; that we recruit people who are not only competent, but have a genuine interest in the industry they will be working in.

We would like to take on the challenge of helping your organization to become competitive in its industry, and to also become a part of its success story.

Our process can be captured in 4 broad phases (See top of page).

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