Professional Development

We believe in managing talent wherever it may be found, from primary all the way to tertiary institutions, and in workplaces. Through our special Axis TM initiatives, we seek to challenge existing perceptions about careers and to support progressive and innovative approaches to career planning and development. Our aim is to expose people from childhood to adulthood to the world of work, introducing them to diverse career options and opportunities, presenting them with resources to enhance their career development and helping them to excel in their chosen fields, fuelled by their passion.

We also work with our organizations to identify their top talent and design strategies to develop and retain them W e facilitate several one on one interventions for students and working professionals through one on one career coaching, leadership capacity development, CV/Bio Review, Work Ethic and Productivity, Teamwork and more

Woforo Dua Pa a, na yepia wo” When you make a worthy effort (climb a good tree), you gain support.

Our work is grounded in the Insights Discovery® psychometric tool, which uses a simple and accessible four color model to understand an individual’s unique natural dispositions/ preferences The Insights® Color Wheel is extremely useful for building team dynamics and Emotional Intelligence It does not only reflect who you are ( it also reflects who you are at a deeper, less conscious level, and this adds great value in showing blind spots and offers great suggestions for personal development With thi s information, we work with organizations to facilitate shared learning for teams and help them to build a positively transformational organizational culture
Target Groups
Early career Managers
Upwardly mobile Line Managers
Secondary/Tertiary Students