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CV Review Checklist

Do you have the word ” Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” boldly written on top of your CV?
Do you have passport pictures, ID cards, et cetera attached to your CV?
Do you have unprofessional email addresses such as sexymama1@… … or Beerlover4eva@… …?
Does your CV have tables, charts or images?
Do you have your bio data (marital status, age, your height, complexion, etc) on your CV?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you need to join our Axis CV Review Workshop for our experts to help make your CV better and give your better chances to job opportunities.
Fill the form below and let us help you make your CV better and increase your chances to a job opportunity.

CV Workshop Booking Form

  • Every Friday, we have a very interactive CV workshop where you get help in cleaning your CV up and making it a great marketing tool. The workshop is open to you, whether you’re an active or passive jobseeker, or need it for some other specific purpose. The session is at 11:00am prompt. The session lasts one and a half hours. Do sign up now by filling the form below, and check your email for full details.
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