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Director, ICT

About the Job

A limited liability company owned by the Government of Ghana seeks to hire a Director, ICT.

Key Responsibilities

Strategy & Policy Development

  • Provide technical expertise in the development and implementation of strategy/business plans for the ICT Directorate as input into the overall Corporate Strategy of the company.
  • Provide leadership and direction in the development of policies, Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs), work plan and other support systems including monitoring mechanisms in managing the ICT Directorate of the company to achieve targeted objectives.
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance in the development of Information Systems Security policies to ensure maximum protection of the company’s ICT systems.

ICT Governance

  • Liaise with Management and provide technical expertise/guidance in the development of ICT governance policies, procedures and standards on architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, data hosting and service provision and monitor its implementation to ensure compliance.
  • Provide leadership in the development of written documentation (manuals) to support software applications and procedures and update all computers and network related policies and guidelines as appropriate.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of short/long term strategic plans to ensure that the company’s data centre capacity meets existing and future operational requirements.
  • Responsible for the development, management and administration of Service Level Agreements to ensure that Service Providers provide High System availability to facilitate operations.
  • Responsible for defining business and systems requirements for new technology implementations within the company.

ICT Infrastructure Design & Management

  • Provide leadership and direction on functional requirements and technical specifications in the acquisition/purchasing of hardware and software to meet current and future ICT needs with regard to emerging technologies and its impact on power generation/distribution and operations.
  • Responsible for managing the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, upgrade and support of all ICT systems, including servers, PCs, operating systems, telephones, software applications and other peripherals to the company’s operational areas.
  • Oversee the development, design and implementation of new applications and changes to existing computer systems and software packages.
  • Responsible for conducting research/studies on existing/new computing technologies and system enhancements to determine potential value for the company and its new business initiatives.
  • Responsible for the design, implementation and management of all ICT infrastructure and projects of the company.
  • Responsible for the effective management and usage of software, hardware, data and voice communication resources of the Company.
  • Liaise with the Public Relations Department and provide technical advice in designing, developing and maintaining the company’s webpage/site and content upgrades.
  • Lead and direct technological research and identify new initiatives and infrastructure to support all operations and projects.

Data & Server Management

  • Lead/direct the development of data management and reporting systems for the company’s operations as well as support other Directorates in their data management/reporting systems.
  • Oversight responsibility for ensuring that data centre and server management operations are performed at very high standard with excellent availability, reliability, maintainability and security of service.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of Disaster Recovery, IT Security and Business Continuity Plans for the company and monitoring to ensure adherence to guidelines.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of an integrated and comprehensive database/information system for managing operations.

Monitoring Standards

  • Provide leadership and guidance in all ICT related investigations and recommend corrective actions for prompt resolution to facilitate the operations of the company.
  • Responsible for ensuring that ICT standards are adhered to in line with approved guidelines and principles.
  • Responsible for developing IT control systems to monitor and ensure that the company is protected against IT intrusion and other attacks e.g. illegal database updates, viruses, etc.
  • Responsible for monitoring the licensing and use of hardware/software and implementation of approved maintenance programmes to resolve failures.

Technical Advisory Support

  • Provide technical expertise and advice on systems upgrades, installations, conversions and file maintenance.
  • Provide technical advice and leadership in the development of information databases and resources including call centre services, Assistive Technology database, the Customer Management Suite, etc. to facilitate the company’s operations.

Stakeholder Relations & Management

  • Establish and maintain professional relationship with Service Providers, Telecommunication Companies and other stakeholders to facilitate the operations of the ICT Directorate and the company.
  • Negotiate and administer contracts and service agreements to Consultants, Vendors, Outsourcing Agencies, etc.  in line with approved policies and procedures.

Financial & Audit Management

  • Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget of ICT Directorate and monitor its implementation to ensure compliance.
  • Assess and communicate risks associated with ICT-related investments and purchases within the company.
  • Develop business case justifications and cost/benefit analyses for technology spending and initiatives.
  • Lead in ICT Tender, Evaluation, Testing, Installation and Acceptance.
  • Coordinate all internal and external audit programmes at the Directorate and follow-up to ensure that audit queries are handled expeditiously.

Information & Reporting

  • Stay abreast with new and emerging developments in the ICT sector/arena and advise Management on new trends/practices and its related business initiatives in the Energy Distribution sector to enhance ICT projects and infrastructure to facilitate the operations of the company.
  • Proactively identify and develop new and innovative ways of disseminating information to clients and the public using ICT technology.
  • Responsible for the preparation of monthly/periodic and annual reports on issues relating to ICT and any other statutory reports.

Employee Performance & Development

  • Maintain a professional ICT staff with sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and professional certification to meet the requirement of the company.
  • Hold direct reports, accountable for managing their assignments to ensure the Directorate’s goals are achieved.
  • Conduct performance appraisal and provide input for career development and recommend performance incentives for subordinate staff.
  • Identify training needs and facilitate training for subordinate staff.

Qualification and Experience

  • BSc/BA in computer science, engineering or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus
  • At least 10 years of work experience
  • Proven experience as an IT director or similar role
  • Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications
  • Sound understanding of computer systems (hardware/software), networks, etc.
  • Experience in controlling information technology budget
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Outstanding communication abilities

Job Summary

Ref. Number: 0922


Location: Accra

Industry: Energy and Utilities

Job type: Full-Time

Job status: Closed to new applicants

Years of Experience: 10

Educational Level: University

Deadline: 2018-04-15

Additional Instructions:

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