Axis Foundation

Youth Development

  • Young people are the answer to current and future challenges. We must engage them meaningfully.
  • Currently, our educational system offers little career guidance and educational options, we will work with young people, showing them how to combine their dynamic interests in career planning
  • We will work with parents to help them provide effective guidance to their children and not limit themselves to the status quo

Educational Support

  • We focus on providing emergency support to students at the secondary and tertiary levels, in order to help them complete their academic requirements. These are need-and-merit-based grants.
  • We find educational opportunities and share that information with our network members

Sports Leadership

  • Sports is a great tool for building individual leadership capacity, and sports itself serves as a vehicle for facilitating positive social change. We provide sports-based leadership capacity development
  • We help sportsmen and women to develop their business acumen and understand the business side of their sporting careers
Dr. Esi Ansah, CEO of Axis Human Capital Limited speaking at Springboard Road Shows