Axis is a human capital development firm that provides recruitment solutions, talent management and professional development services.

Recruitment is one of the services we offer as a human capital investment company.

You can contact us through any of the modes stated above. To be able to understand your needs better, we prefer to meet you in person to discuss how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Send us an email at with a specific request and we will reply with the charges for that particular service. If we require more information, we will arrange a meeting with you to understand your needs better.

Top profile organization on our list include: Viasat 1, Enterprise Group, Fidelity Bank, Injaro, Ostec, BIMA, etc.

We are currently operating from our main office at #57 Norley Rd, North Dzorwulu, Accra.  Our contact us page has a map with directions to our office.