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Our Client in the Aviation; and Oil & Gas industry seeks to hire a Pilot. The individual will be responsible for safety and security of the aircraft, passengers and cargo on board in line with his/her duties.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create a flight plan, considering aircraft performance, altitude and weather conditions
  • Check aircraft before every flight (engines, radars, navigation systems, etc.)
  • Ensure cargo weight does not exceed aircraft limits
  • Communicate with air traffic control to ensure safe takeoff and landing
  • Ensure the aircraft has adequate fuel supplies
  • Monitor cockpit instruments like altimeters and speed indicators and report any malfunctions
  • Check the airplane’s position, weather conditions and air traffic regularly during the flight and determine change of path when needed
  • Ensure all passengers follow safety rules while onboard
  • Fill out reports about the flight and the status of the aircraft after landing

Qualification and Requirements

  • At least SHS or equivalent certificate
  • Valid commercial pilot certificate with an instrument qualification
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Must have good writing and communication skills
  • Current medical certificate

Job Summary

Ref. Number:


Location: Accra

Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Job type: Full-Time

Job status: Open to new applicants

Years of Experience:

Educational Level: Junior HS

Deadline: 2018-11-14

Additional Instructions:

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