To Coach Junior Employees, Start with 4 Conversations.

Career coaching is crucial for recent college graduates and young people entering the workforce. Though many have scant experience, they’re making choices that will affect their lives long into the future. Research has shown that first jobs are an optimal time for workers to gain transferable skills that follow them through their careers. The first three years […]

If You Want Engaged Employees, Offer Them Stability.

Most of us find it challenging to do our best work when our work environment feels unstable. For example, if you find yourself in the midst of an organizational change, your psychological resources — such as resilience and optimism — may be stretched to the limit. If the way forward at work is particularly unclear, […]

The Customer As A Storyteller

Many businesses lose customers each day without not necessarily knowing why their customers leave. Others stay unbothered whether customers return to them or not as their main focus is on making a profit; forgetting that customers can make or unmake their success. G.S. Alag, the renowned author of several management books, says that “a satisfied […]

A Speaking Email

Wondering why you don’t get responses to the emails you send to recruiters, employers or top executives? Emails usually serve as a first introduction to professionals, who most likely receive hundreds of emails just like yours on a weekly basis. Chances are that without the right first impression, your email will either be ignored or […]

Bringing Out the Cream in New Hire Graduates

Mid-year is, generally, that time of year when fresh graduates enter the job market, and organisations make adjustments to accommodate them. They usually hunger for experience, and their potential just seeks opportunity to be kindled and used. Some may suggest that these new hires need no special attention because the initial pang for that first […]